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Seeking Lead Extended Day Teacher(s) at CNS

Community Nursery School (CNS) is a play-based preschool that strives to offer learning across a variety of disciplines and provide a safe, loving environment for young children to begin their educational journey! We are currently seeking a lead teacher and additional teachers to oversee our lunch and extended day/napping program for children ages 2-5 years. This program runs from 12-3pm.

The lead extended day teacher helps oversee the functions of the lunch and napping program for our Nest, Nook, and Roost students (aged 2-5) , as well as develop, plan and implement developmentally appropriate, quiet activities and enrichment if some students transition out of nap or when applicable. The teacher may utilize some additional hours to ensure classroom preparedness and professional development as required by OCFS (Office of Child and Family Services). The ability to take command of a classroom when needed and provide strong leadership with the children is critical in this position. The lead teacher will also foster an environment of open and positive communication among the other teachers in the Extended Day Program, as well as parents.

Skills required for this position also include:

  • Model positive language and behavior and scaffold play, encourage children to learn independence in taking off and putting on outdoor clothing, hand washing, etc.
  • Assist with diapering and trips to the bathroom for students transitioning to the toilet, as well as maintenance of the diapering/changing area.
  • Create a quiet and calm napping environment and read stories, sing songs, and lull students to sleep
  • Assist with end-of-the-day tidying of the Extended Day and Lunch Bunch rooms

Preferred requirements for this position:

  • 1+ year(s) of experience working with pre-k or elementary school children in a school or licensed daycare setting
  • An educational background in Early Childhood, Childhood Ed, Child Development or related field (9 credits minimum)

If interested please send resume and cover letter to Amanda Kellerson, CNS Director, at cnsofcayugaheights@gmail.com.