The Co-op Model

Parents and Educators Working Together

A cooperative preschool is a great way to be involved in your child's earliest education experience. As you spend time in the classroom and work with other families on school projects, you'll get to know them and gain a sense of community that is often missing in other types of schools.

The children benefit when you bring your unique gifts and talents to the classroom. You benefit from the first-hand experience in your child’s education, which provides a window into their life and growth. You’ll see them write, draw, cook, sew, dance, sing, and so much more! Parents often leave the classroom amazed at what their children are capable of.

As a cooperative, the quality of our program depends on the participation of all families. Parents are required to be on a co-op committee, clean classrooms on a rotating basis, and participate in fundraising efforts. Optionally, there will be other opportunities to volunteer, in the classroom.

Each family chooses a ‘Parent Job’ on a committee that suits their strengths, interests, and availability. There are a wide range of jobs available, such as fundraising, classroom maintenance, serving on the school board, and so much more. We also have one or two parent meetings per year, two school-wide cleaning days, and fundraising events.

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